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Strength & Speed – Marshall Sports Performance and Fitness

Greg Marshall
Owner/Head Coach of Marshall Sports Performance and Fitness

The founder of Marshall Sports Performance and Fitness, Greg Marshall has successfully trained individuals and teams in sport-specific athletic areas.  Greg possesses unique expertise with respect to both strength and speed performance.

Greg’s primary areas of focus include straight-line speed, (acceleration, Vmax), directional speed (agility), force application (power), weight training, balance, and core strength.  Over the past decade, Greg has trained 90 high school athletes who have received Division 1 scholarships.  Greg is recognized by USA Track and Field as an ELITE SPRINT COACH and participates regularly as a member of the Olympic sprint development committee.

Greg’s background and accomplishments speak for themselves.  Greg served as Assistant Strength Coach for the San Francisco 49ers from 2007-2010 and Head Strength Coach for the San Jose Sabercats from 2010-2011.  In these positions, Greg was responsible for designing weight and speed training programs, nutritional counseling, and enhancing body composition. Former 49er coach and Hall of Fame line backer, Mike Singletary, has said this about Greg:

“He’s got an outstanding personality.  He’s able to exhibit tough love, and I think that’s what every coach has to have—the ability to be firm and demand greatness out of their athletes, and at the same time be very real and honest and warm.  There has to be a balance of both, and I think that’s what Greg really does.”

From 2006-2011, Greg served as Santa Clara University Strength and Conditioning Coach, responsible for all strength and conditioning training for the following teams: Wsoccer, Softball, M/W Track and Field, Mtennis.  During Greg’s tenure, the Wsoccer team was perennially ranked in the top ten nationally and boasted the nation’s top ranked Goalie in 2011.

Greg also has served as head coach of the South Bay Express Track and Field Club (2002-present) and Valley Christian HS Track and Field (2003-2006).  During this time, Greg has coached athletes to one World Title and 15 Individual National Titles.

Greg resides in San Jose with his wife Tammie.  Greg and Tammie are the proud parents of three children.  Daughter, Dahlys, recently graduated from the University Arizona, where she competed in track and field (sprints and hurdles)  Eldest son Cameron is a junior at Arizona State University, where he is a starting running back.  Youngest son Byron, a senior at Valley Christian High School, is the nation’s fourth-ranked running back and recently announced his decision to attend the University of Oregon as the Duck’s top running back recruit.