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Strength & Speed

California Baseball Farm Club is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with Marshall Sports Performance to offer strength and speed training at our state-of-the-art Redwood City facility.  Founded in San Jose by former San Francisco Forty Niner Assistant Strength coach, Greg Marshall, Marshall Sports Performance has trained elite South Bay athletes for the past six years.  Since 2003, Greg Marshall personally has trained 90 athletes who went on to receive Division 1 scholarships, including sons Cameron (Arizona State, football), Byron (Oregon, football) and daughter Dahlys (University of Arizona, track and field).

Marshall Sports Performance offers the following programs.  Each session is 60 minutes in duration and may be conducted in an individual or group setting based on each athlete’s preference.

Youth Level 1: Elementary 5th-6th Grade

The focus of this program is imprinting athletic development and movement patterns onto the young athlete, who can process this instruction at a very high rate.  Athletes will be exposed to various training modalities in a fun, positive, and results driven environment.

Training sessions follow a two-pronged approach.  Part 1 concentrates on strength and stability, emphasizing foundational strength primarily through body weight and resistance training to enhance proper muscle development and movement patterns.  Part 2 is centered on athletic movements and is geared toward enhancing each athlete’s agility (directional movement), balance, quickness, and pure speed.  The goal of this program is to build the foundation necessary for consistent and sustained athletic performance to reduce the likelihood of injury.

Youth: Junior High 7th-8th Grade

This program is an extension of the Youth Level 1 Program and is directed to improving the brain-to-body (neuromuscular or CNS) functions involved in athletic development.  Athletes will receive more specific and detailed training pursuant to a multi-faceted approach that emphasizes continued stability and the introduction of strength and power applications.

Training sessions include an introduction to weight training for the purpose of teaching proper lifting mechanics.  Proper loads will be applied based on each athlete’s characteristics and ability to execute proper technique.  The combination of expanded movement training and strength training provided in this program will enable each athlete to reach his or her optimum athletic performance.

Intermediate: High School Novice

This developmental program, which is focused exclusively on strength training, is designed for the high school athlete with little or no experience with lifting techniques and high-end sports performance.  Training is sports specific with the objective of building and enhancing the necessary strength requirements of each athlete’s particular sport.  Each athlete will be run through an initial test suite that will provide a baseline of stability, strength, power, neuromuscular connection, and functional movement.  A unique and tailored program thereafter will be developed for each athlete based on the results of this initial assessment, which will also serve as a measuring stick for athletic improvement.

Intermediate: High School Advanced or Elite

This program, which is focused exclusively on strength training, requires prior experience and mastery of lifting techniques and the ability to demonstrate commensurate mobility and stability.  Program design is sports specific and tailored uniquely for each athlete.  Specific training goals will  be developed based on an index prepared for each athlete.  Athletes will be tested regularly to demonstrate the predicted improvements with appropriate training modifications made based on test results.  Separate movement sessions for a particular sport also will be developed based on each athlete’s specific goals.